Business Intelligence(BI)


Business Intelligence (BI) Methodology

In this stage, Layer SYSTEM works with your staff and stakeholders to gather as much information as possible about how they believe the new architecture should function.Where possible, and budget permitting, we also like to involve representative end-users (i.e., current or potential users) in these discussions to learn more about how they will use the architecture.Involving end-users in the strategic analysis stage of the process can provide new insights, and/or validate our client’s choices and strategies.We also use analytics tools such to study user experience.

  • Management Approach
  • Development Process
  • Strategic Analysis
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Business Intelligence (BI) Implementation


Layer SYSTEM works with many of our clients to provide ongoing support for their properties and can provide this same high level of support to you.Layer SYSTEM prides itself on being able to provide our clients with responsive service.

Approach and Methodology


Management Approach

We approach each client engagement using a documented set of policies, processes, and procedures. Each client is assigned a Project Lead who acts as the primary point of contact for your organization. This project lead guides the project team through the development process to ensure timely and high-quality completion. The Layer SYSTEM team uses a comprehensive set of checklists, tasks and procedures that are tailored to each client. Our approach also includes co-location of all team members to encourage collaboration. In addition, daily project status meeting are held that focus on answering three questions: (a) “What have you done since yesterday?”; (b) “What are you planning to do today?”; and (c) “Do you have any problems preventing you from accomplishing your goal?”.

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Development Process

Layer SYSTEM will guide you through the following discovery, planning, design and production process. Adhering to this process will ensure a successful outcome. Our process starts with Phase 0. Layer SYSTEM’s goal in this analytical phase is to define features concretely, determine technology integration specifics, and prioritize features so that investment is made in those areas that will provide the greatest return on investment for you.• Phase 0 • Strategic Analysis and Planning • Information Architecture • Wireframes • Technical System Design• Phase 1• Graphic and User Interface Design • Content Creation • Implementation • Testing • Training and Documentation • Launch • Post Launch Support and Maintenance In the sections below we discuss the different portions of this process.

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Strategic Analysis

After gathering this data Layer SYSTEM will then produce a qualitative analysis of our findings with Recommendations that are expressed through the information architecture. During this portion of the process Layer SYSTEM will work with you to define the requirements for specific architecture functionality such as accessibility, and other such features. We will work with you to expose the various options available to you. The data we gather will also be used later to inform the choices made in developing the design of the architecture, content choices, functional recommendations, and technology choices.Layer SYSTEM will work to further define and refine you information architecture.Our focus in this phase is to make content easily navigable.Layer SYSTEM works cooperatively with our clients.

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Layer SYSTEM’s creative division combines strategic thinking, distinctive design, and emerging technologies to deliver innovative solutions that consistently break new ground.

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